Stories in English

A short introduction - English versions of stories by Latin American writers
The intention of this Section in Axxón, Science Fiction in Bits website is to offer foreign-language readers a brief sample of the production of Latin American science fiction, fantasy and horror writers. The reader should not consider this selection a wide, "the best of..."-style anthology. In fact, we would like it to be so —and we will try to make it so in the long run — but, since itīs not possible for us to pay for the translations, only the texts which are already available in each language can be included here. However, as we intend this to be a showcase for making our authors known, the texts we are presenting and will present in the future are guaranteed to be judged and selected in the same way every work published in Axxón is: with a strict criterion of giving priority to quality and interest.

God's Gut, Eduardo J. Carletti - Original published by Axxon

Amoité, Claudia De Bella - Original published by Axxon

Contaminated People, Sergio Gaut vel Hartman - Original published by SF International Magazine

Axxón, 2007